Season's Greetings!

You've reached Claire Tolan's website.

You can contact me by mailing cst at this domain. You can encrypt (7A23 F90A 73C9 B292 1B97 3860 E158 7382 4B81 76F2).

I program, and sometimes design, websites. If you'd like to know more about my work, please email me for a portfolio. This website is not representative of my projects, which are generally more complex and more beautiful.

Previously, I worked as an editor, writer, and archivist. I studied Literature and many other things at the University of Chicago and, briefly, Information Science at the University of Michigan.

I've worked extensively with ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, on the radio and in performance, recording, production, and writing. CV and portfolio on request.

At present, I am in Berlin, Germany. You can see some of my ongoing research on Arena.

As always, I am prepping for the arrival of ShÜSh, the hard fork of ASMR, by making chimes and lying low. If you'd like to prepare for ShÜSh as well, please join the mailing list, which will not be dormant much longer:

ShÜSh is coming.

der geist geht nicht weg / nicht den geist, etwas in den geist / etwas im geist geht weg / es geht weg und was ist weg / es geht weg und was bleibt

Thank you for visiting! See you soon!